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Shoulder & Neck Stiffness Course 45min ¥6,600
For those who have stiffness in the shoulders, shoulder blades, neck, etc.
60min/¥8,800  90min/¥13,200  120min/¥17,600

Recommended for Back Pain 45分 ¥6,600
Focusing on the lower back including related areas of buttocks, feet, etc.
60min/¥8,800  90min/¥13,200  120min/¥17,600

Whole Body Stretch Course 45分 ¥6,600
Especially for those who lack exercise. You will feel refreshed after stretching and loosening joints that you don't regularly use.
60min/¥8,800  90min/¥13,200  120min/¥17,600

Focus on Legs Course 45分 ¥6,600
Legs that are tired from a lot of walking during the day will be refreshed.
60min/¥8,800  90min/¥13,200  120min/¥17,600

Golf Fatigue Course 45分 ¥6,600
After enjoying a day refreshing your mind with golf, refresh your body as well!
60min/¥8,800  90min/¥13,200  120min/¥17,600

※Start time for last treatment is 23:00

Our service is only for the purpose of relaxation, not for treatment. We will only perform the service if the customer consents to the following conditions. If any of the following apply, we may refrain from providing the service or suspend the service if necessary. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
● Heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney disease, diabetes, epilepsy, etc.
● Malignant tumors, aneurysms, arteriosclerosis, venous aneurysms
● Have experienced surgery within the last 6 months or are significantly weak
● Are currently taking medication
● Infectious dermatitis, fungal skin infections, skin inflammation
● Injuries, burns, bruising, contusions
● Allergies
● A fever of 37 degrees Celsius or above (above 98.6 F)
● Infectious diseases
● Anyone who is drunk
● Those who are pregnant
● If the service provider is touched in any way other than is provided for by the service, feels any kind of danger, or determines that the customer's behavior, remarks, or other actions are inappropriate

※Our service does not provide custom massages, nor do we perform any service that violates the law such as lymphatic massage or anything immoral.
※We will not provide services for those with tatoos that indicate gang relationships.

* Reservations can be made either on the web (please use the Japanese website) or by phone. We will come to your hotel room for the service. Please choose the course you would like.
* We are also available for sudden requests without reservations, so please contact us directly.

Business Hours: 16: 00-24: 00 (last start 23:00)
Phone Number: 080-6483-8325